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Old 10-25-2006, 12:21 PM
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Talking 2.71 Special Edition - Revision B custom firmware

Nuovo Custom firmware by Dark Alex


- SE runs all homebrew from the /PSP/GAM271 folder using the 2.71 kernel. The compatibility of
applications using the 2.71 kernel is the same as HEN-C since they both use the same core.
Homebrew here have to be NOT kxploited.

- To run applications with the 1.50 kernel, and have about 99% compatibility with current homebrew,
put those applications in the /PSP/GAME150 folder.
Homebrew here can be either kxploited or not.

Now the standard folder, /PSP/GAME can be configured in the recovery menu to either execute 1.50
homebrew or 2.71 one. (by default is set at 2.71 for compatibility with previous version)

- Native UMD emulation is now in the custom firmware. ISOS are shown under memory stick games.
Currently ISO and CSO are implemented, for technical reasons DAX is not implemented yet, but may
be done in the future. At the moment they require an umd to be inserted in order to be played, although
they show in the xmb without an umd.
Note that whenever you do an update to the ISO folder (add, delete, change files, first SE-B execution),
a little delay will ocurr when entering in memory stick games. While the ISO folder is not changed, this won't

Using recovery menu

- To enter in recovery menu, press R when power on the psp.
The recovery mode lets to set options, and it lets to recover potential bricks, as soon as
the 1.50 bootstrap is intact.

- Toggle USB: It will enable/diable USB mass storage.

- Configuration. All setings are set to disabled by default.

* Skip SCE logo. If you enable this, you won't see that beautiful, (but sometimes annoying)
Sony Computer Entertainment logo when power on the psp (and in this way you also disable the autorun of

* Hide corrupt icons. It will hide corrupt icons. Note that currently not all corrupt icons
are hidden but most of them. This setting can SLOW down the access to game menu if you have too many items.
This will be improved in the future, however the best way to hide corrupt icons is always to convert your kxploited
applications to a standard single PBP.

* Game folder homebrew. It will let you choose with which kernel, 1.50 or 2.71,
programs at /PSP/GAME will be executed.

* Autorun program at /PSP/GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP. When enabled, it will run that program at startup.
Notice, that that program runs always in 1.50 kernel.

- Advanced. This setting shouldn't be touched by most users, since they are mainly for debugging purposes.
It lets to flash some NOT critical files to the flash from the directory ms0:/reflash.

- Advanced configuration (inside Advaned).

* Plain modules in UMD/ISO. By default it is disabled, because it was found that the patch to run
plain modules gave compatibility problems with some umd games. (error 0x8002012D).
You can always enable it if interested in running unsigned code in an iso.

* Execute boot.bin in UMD/ISO. If enabled, it will run BOOT.BIN instead of EBOOT.BIN. This option
has no sense if the plain modules one is not enabled.

- Run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP. This is what currently enables to recover a
semi-bricked psp (e.g. the vsh doesn't show, but you can reach the recovery mode).
Despite being in the game folder, that program will be executed in 1.50 kernel, so if even 2.71
kernel is destroyed, that program can be run.

Because official SCE updaters don't work in that 1.50 kernel environment (because they need some vsh files
not available), i've included with this package a flasher that lets to flash any official update from
1.50-2.71 to your psp.
To use it, copy the files inside inside "flasher for recovery/RECOVERY" in /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/
and the official SCE updater renamed as UPDATE.PBP in the same directory, and run the program
through the recovery option.

Another alternative for recovery is to reflash the own 2.71 SE-B.
To do this, copy the EBOOT.PBP of 271seflasher to /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP along with the
DATA.DXAR file, and run it through recovery.


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