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XML Based Data Publishing
The Player is based on an XML data source that reads the Videos programming schedule. The XML is written in a proprietary StreamCastRSS format. F

For each Video, you can define and add links to any internal or external eCommerce engine you desire..

Advance Video Mode System

With the SCPlayer you have different modes with which to view videos in. Choose from TV, Schedule, or Information Mode. Each gives the length of the clip, the date added, and the category it resides in.

Flash FLV Based

The video files are all Adobe Flash Video (FLV) formatted. The SCPlayer has the ability to play each kind of FLV compression ratio ( 4:3, 16:9 ).

Manage Recorded, Preview and Live Clips

With SCPlayer, play full legth audio clips,preview clips (then purchase after or during playback) or live feeds.
For live feeds you will need a Flash Media Server encoding engine or similiar product

Add Additional Information to Each Video

You can include inside the SCPlayer interface, HTML information about clips, such as descriptions, links, and much more...

Liquid Interface Size & Full Screen Native

The Player fits perfectly with each screen resolution size set by the viewer.

Advertising Engine Manager

Manage Advertising Clips inside the video scheduling console an dconnect the Advertising Video to external websites or eCommerce engines.

"Next Show" Preview Info

An Automatic "Alert" engine will appear to the viewer 20 seconds before the the end of the clip letting them know the next video to be played and when it is ready to start.

Base Video Controls

You can control video playback with basic functions: Play, Pause, Rewind, Skip, Jump to Frame, Volume Control (complete with browser memory from last setting).

Child and Parents Rating Guide

You can specify each videos Parental Rating Guide so it appears before and during playback.

Send Video To A Friend
(on activation)

You can send video links to friends by email from within the console.

Manage More Video Channels
(on activation)

If your CMS system can manage it, you can add to each video channel name or group, a specific logo.

OSX, Windows based and Linux platform.

Thanks to Flash Player 9 now running on the Windows, OSX and Linux platform, you can stream content in a number of different media

Preview and Video Cover Image

For each videoclip, you can add a preview image or a cover image. For Movies, you can add Movie Poster or a CD Cover for a musician or singer.

Color Customizable

Define RSS Feeds and then Publish them over the video in a tocker bar.


StreamCast Player is the idea of Mirco Pasqualini all right reserver 2007