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Kick – New live streaming gaming platform

After the exclusion from twitch of the major online casino content creators such as RoshTein and Trainwreck, is born new platform live streaming the

The property belongs to a well-known crypto-casino with official support from the creator Trainwreck. The layout of the site is very similar of Twitch also for some features and probably for the acquisition of new subscriptions by users. is a new company created by the founders of Easygo and Stake which has new studios in Australia and Europe. Kick Gaming’s vision is to become the leading content provider in the gambling industry. Thanks to its innovative approach to creating top-notch slots and table games that are available to online casinos around the world, its remote gaming server will be available through a single API.

The platform is still in beta and promises to have a dizzying distribution of revenues: the streamer would even receive 95% of the revenues. Also on the “kicks” (twitch bits) the share is 100%  for the streamer.

The platform being in beta still has obvious limitations, but judging by the investors and content creators already present, it could have good growth in the future. Trainwreck promises a platform that rewards content creators to the max.

Kick’s team and I have a vision to make a livestreaming platform that’s actually built first for creators. Not just for Twitch’s huge creators with paid contracts, but for the small and mid-sized creators who are the foundation and backbone of all livestreaming platforms. We’ll bring livestreaming back to what it was before Twitch lost its way. An authentic experience between viewers and streamers.

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