World’s first AI DJ goes live in the US via RadioGPT

Radio is embracing artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiastically, as demonstrated by the recent launch of an innovative broadcast by KBFF Live 95.5 FM, based in Portland, Oregon. Through the use of software developed by Futuri Media called RadioGPT, the station has introduced an AI-based DJ for the first time. This innovation was made possible by generating a synthetic version of host Ashley Elzinga using RadioGPT’s advanced algorithm.The parent company, Alpha Media, emphasized that this new technology will not jeopardize Ashley Elzinga’s job, as she will continue to perform her duties without any salary reduction. The decision to adopt AI as part of the hosting team was motivated by the desire to make the station “more agile than ever,” as explained by Phil Becker, Executive Vice President of Alpha Media. RadioGPT will allow the station to promote content creators more frequently, providing the audience with timely, up-to-date, and comprehensive information. The introduction of the new AI-based host was announced on Tuesday, June 13, through a tweet posted by Live 95.5. In the video attached to the tweet, Ashley Elzinga was shown alongside her synthetic counterpart, introducing the new addition to the station’s DJ team. During the presentation, the AI can be heard realistically reproducing Ashley Elzinga’s comments as if it were a live recording. In a joking moment, Elzinga herself ironically commented on taking a day off.In another shared video, the artificial speaker congratulates a lucky listener for winning tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. The AI-generated voice appears relaxed, capable of conversing easily, and surprisingly similar to that of Ashley Elzinga, on which it was modeled.