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How to watch Spacex Spaceship Launch live stream

Follow flight test suborbital flight of the Starship spacecraft . Starship is the spacecraft that SpaceX is developing for future long-duration missions with human crew on board: in a more or less distant future we could see it transporting humans to the Moon or maybe Mars!

SpaceX is banking on the full operational capability of Starship to expand its Starlink satellite constellation and for potential government and commercial flights to the Moon and eventually Mars in the medium term.


More test launches will likely be required to demonstrate the reliability needed for crewed flights. SpaceX engineers are closely examining all systems, with a focus on key modifications. Specifically:

1. The launch pad, destroyed during the initial test, has been completely redesigned.
2. The platform at the base of the pad, which will unleash a deluge of water upon the ignition of the 33 Raptor engines.
3. The new heat dissipation system between the two stages, known as “hot staging.”
4. The new system necessary to stabilize and direct the engines of the first stage, Super Heavy.
5. The updated self-destruct system ensures prompt activation if necessary.

The earliest launch opportunity is currently scheduled for 14 March 2024 – 8 a.m. ET.



You can watch launch in live stream from this channel selected by our staff.