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Watch America’s Got Talent live stream & on demand

Watch America’s Got Talent  streaming to youtube official channel. America’s Got Talentis a talent show broadcast on American television NBC, currently airing since 2006 for nine seasons.

Designed by the British record producer and television producer Simon Cowell in 2005 for ITV in the UK.

Three judges  sitting at a counter and called to judge competitors from 0 to 99 years old who perform on stage showing them their talent in any discipline, whether they are singers, dancers, illusionists, acrobats , animal trainers, instrumentalists, ventriloquists, impersonators and more.

However, the judges have the power to play the buzzer, a red button that activates the corresponding X above them; if they all sound their buzzers before the end of the performance, the performance is stopped immediately. Starting from the ninth edition in 2014, the judges can press, once only during the auditions, the “golden buzzer”, a golden button that guarantees immediate access to the live shows.


Wath on NBC network – follow this link for major information.


Official videos from Youtube Channel