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How to Work Kick the new platform gaming streaming

Kick is the latest gaming live streaming platform that promises to offer high-quality content to its users. This new platform aims to revolutionize the way gamers interact with their audience and other players online.

One of the most exciting features of Kick is the ability to create gaming communities. Users can create or join existing communities based on their favorite games, genres, or even gaming hardware. This feature allows gamers to connect with others who share their interests and create a sense of belonging within the platform.

The platform also offers various tools and features to enhance the streaming experience, such as customizable overlays, chatbots, and alerts. Users can also earn rewards and incentives for streaming and engaging with their followers.


The solution adopted by Kick is inspired by the Twitch platform. Let’s see the main features. To make the stream, the Stream url and the Stream key are released in the dedicated section, which you can use on OBS , Restream or StreamLabs.

The only accepted payment method is credit card. Your personal Wallet will be enabled soon, allowing you to carry out crypto transactions.

In this beta phase there are no pre-roll ads or classic banners. In the future, however, they could be introduced to monetize the non-subscriber public.


How to make money with Kick

To earn with Kick The platform initially accepts the easily accessible Affiliate profile. While to become an Official Partner, the platform has different selection parameters based on your “popularity” and the achievement of certain objectives.. The affiliate percentage now is 95%.


After logging in, you can select various options from the menu:

Channel : Allows the modification of the Panels underlying the video and the chat, with the possibility of adding useful blocks to sponsors or social networks

Creator Dashboard is the part for those who want to start streaming on the platform. The page that will open will help you see your live and select the options at the bottom right including Slow Chat, Host, Chat Only Followers, start streaming and edit the info stream


Achievements: The option indicates the possibility of becoming an affiliate by achieving certain objectives. Currently you have need to reach 75 Followers and perform live for a total of 5 hours.


In the Community option that reads > Moderators , Badges , Emotes. It is possible to add moderators, badges and various emotes icons in a fairly intuitive way. To add users in the Badge section as VIP or OG, just type the user’s name.


For each channel it is possible to make a subscription. From logged in on each channel at the bottom right you will find buttons that will allow you to subscribe, follow the streamer and gift a subs.



To give subscriptions or subscribe your sub to the channel you need to add a payment method, for now only by credit card.



From our tests, kick allows the stream up to 8000/kbs with a much higher quality yield than Twitch. The 1080p are almost always respected and maintained during a live.




You can read the Community rules and the Terms of Service.. Don’t think you can do what you want. In this first beta period, the meshes of moderation are certainly very permissive, but with the growth of the platform, the parameters of behavior will be strengthened. Kick equally to Twitch wiil banned you from the platform if you do not respect its guidelines.