Streamer xQc Leaves Twitch for Kick

The streaming industry is undergoing a phase of significant changes, with an increasing number of content creators leaving Twitch for new platforms. After xQc’s announcement regarding his $100 million contract, it is now Amouranth’s turn to do the same, as she announces her imminent move to the new streaming platform, Kick.


Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, is a 29-year-old Texan who gained great popularity on Twitch due to her borderline NSFW content, sensual ASMR, and mischievous touch. She has decided to leave Twitch and join Kick permanently, inaugurating her new channel with a “sleep stream” accompanied by some friends, naturally broadcasted live from her bedroom.To announce her transition, Amouranth held a live stream on Twitch with the word “Kick” in the title, which was a double blow to the purple platform. Later, she shared a humorous skit on Twitter, where she calls her agent after learning about xQc’s $100 million contract from The New York Times, asking if she can secure a similar deal. Upon receiving a positive response, Amouranth packed her bags (including the famous Cucumber Rick) to move to Kick.


Channels on Kick XQC e Amouranth.