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Streaming Charts 2022[Q4] : Most popular SVOD services in the US

JustWatch released some new data regarding the market shares of streaming services for the fourth quarter in 2022.


SVOD market shares in Q4 2022
In a historic shift, Prime Video is now the SVOD market leader in the US and now holds a 1% lead over Netflix. Disney+ edged out HBO Max for third place, maintaining a 5% margin to Netflix. Apple TV+ dropped 1% in Q4, and is now tied with Paramount+.


Market share development in 2022

Netflix has had a downward trend throughout 2022, and Prime Video finally overtook the lead position in Q4. Disney+ hit a plateau after a year of mostly growth, but ended the year +2% higher than it began. Apple TV+ and Paramount+ saw +1% and +3% rises through 2022, respectively.


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