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Trainwreckstv Compares Subs Earnings on Kick and Twitch

Trainwreckstv recently compared the earnings of subs on Kick and Twitch in a recent livestream. The comparison shed light on the different ways each platform handles subs and how this affects streamer earnings.

Tyler illustrated that Kick provides a significantly higher percentage of subscription revenue to its creators than Twitch, with Kick offering 95%/100% while Twitch only gives 50%.

An example to show this difference by comparing the revenue earned by a Twitch streamer with 100 subscribers, on kick it is around $500, as opposed to twitch which is $250.

Trainwreckstv went on to say that Kick system is more beneficial for streamers, as they earn more per sub than they do on Twitch. However, he also pointed out that Twitch has a much larger audience, which can make up for the lower earnings per sub. Overall, Trainwreckstv’s comparison highlights the importance of understanding the different earning structures of streaming platforms and how they can impact a streamer’s income.

Calculating the percentages at 100% revenue, with 1029 subs the revenue paid will be $4,800.