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Twitch Turbo : Premium Subscribe Ad-Free

In  this article we will tell you how it is activated and how it is actively used on the channels. First, Twitch Turbo can only be purchased as a monthly recurring subscription at a cost of $8.99/month and includes a number of options that are not manageable with a single “prime” or Tier 1 2 or 3 subscription.

With Twitch Turbo you will never see ads, pre-roll video ads before or during a stream of any channel on the Amazon platform. except for front page sponsorships.

Here are the basic add-on options enabled with Twitch Turbo:

  • Chat Badge Proudly display Turbo with an exclusive chat badge.
  • Extended emoticon set Choose from 2 additional emoticon sets. Glitches or monkeys; choose well (you can always change later).
  • Custom Colors Chat Usernames Stand out in chat with a custom color for your username.
  • Extended Video Storage Save your previous Twitch broadcasts for 60 days instead of the standard 14 days.

How I subscribe to Twitch Turbo:

Visit the Twitch Turbo website. If you are not logged in yet, select Log in at the top right.