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RadioGPT : The first Radio Solution based totally on artificial intelligence



Futuri is revolutionizing the audio industry with the launch of RadioGPT, the world’s first localized radio content solution powered by artificial intelligence. RadioGPT combines the power of GPT-3 technology with Futuri’s AI-powered targeted social and story discovery system, TopicPulse, as well as AI speech technology to provide an unmatched localized radio experience for any market, any format.

RadioGPT leverages the power of GPT-4, as well as Futuri’s AI-powered story and social content discovery system, TopicPulse, to create content tailored to local markets, 24/7. AI speech synthesis will bring the experience to life with multiple voices, therefore creating multiple characters within the same broadcast. Who knows, maybe in the future there will also be fictitious guests protagonists of surreal debates!


The goal of RadioGPT? According to the statements of the CEO of Futuri, it is to save the radios, a sector now considered to be in decline: “we will save the radios, we will not compete with them: what we want to do is increase the ability of the stations to fill the programming with more live content and local”.

The example of a Radio in streaming completely created with artificial intelligence with deejay and programming. RadioGPT reachable at this address.