How to watch Sphere Las Vegas webcam in live stream

The Sphere at The Venetian, currently colloquially known as MSG Sphere, is primarily an entertainment and musical performance venue located in Paradise, Nevada, near the Las Vegas Strip. It is currently the largest spherical building in the world, standing just over 111 meters tall and 157 feet wide. The structure boasts a total seating capacity of 17,600 and a permanent capacity of 20,000 people.The exterior of the dome is wrapped in 176,784 square meters of programmable LEDs capable of displaying 256 million colors on the skyline, making the building bright enough to be seen from outer space.

What’s Inside the Sphere?

The interior has a height sufficient to hold the entire Statue of Liberty. Its focal point is a high-resolution, planetarium-style curved multimedia screen—spanning a size comparable to about four soccer fields—and comprises 50,000 square meters of even more programmable 16K resolution LEDs. It’s a far cry from today’s televisions, with the highest commercially available resolution being 8K.


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