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Mary J. Blige feat Tiziano Ferro – Video

Torna a metà marzo Mary J Blige con un nuovo album, “Stronger with Each Tear”, dodici canzoni inedite e 4 bonus track, tra cui, solo per la versione italiana del disco, il brano “Each Tear” cantato in duetto con Tiziano Ferro.

Di seguito il testo del brano:

Woohoohoo whooohooohoo
Whoohoo whoohohohohooThere’s something that I want to say
But I feel like don’t know how.
Still I just can’t hold it one more day
So I think I let it out.You’re on my mind more than I may sure
You’re in my heart more than you may know
And the last thing that I want
Is to you to fall apart.
To you I will be clearer
I want you to remember.

In each tear
there’s a lesson (there’s a lesson)