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Developer API Overview

CoolStreaming offers open access to key parts of the CoolStreaming Tv/Video repository
and user community, via an open API interface. Using our APIs, you can easily
integrate online Tv/videos from CoolStreaming's rapidly growing repository of Tv/videos
into your application.

With our API we give open access to our tv/video repository and the user community. Using this API, you will be able to enrich your application with tv from all over the world. You can integrate them into  blog or homepage. The CoolStreaming API is available for commercial and non-commercial use. Please read the Terms of Use.

Getting started

First, you need a developer ID. Signup for a developer ID in order to get access to the API.

Read the Introduction to get an idea how the API works.


Terms of Use

Request Formats

Currently only the REST request format is supported.

Response Formats

The response of an API method call can be in different formats. Choose one that fits best the needs of your application:

  • XML

    <nome>Name Channel</nome>
    <id>id channel</id>
    <indirizzo_streaming>http:// or mms://</indirizzo_streaming>

Embed Format

The embed format supported are:

Error Codes

An API method call may return an error. This is a list of possible errors that may arise and that are common among all methods.

  • - List of error code [working...]

Format Supported

- http/mms/h.264 unicast streaming tv provided
- p2p-tv (working...)


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