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Old 04-11-2006, 04:11 PM
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About 150 p2p streaming technology papers be shared!

Vatata shared their collected p2p streaming technolgy papers,I post it in here.Share it!

Share p2p streaming articles(1)

Share p2p streaming articles(2)

Share p2p streaming articles(3)

Share p2p streaming articles(4)

Share p2p streaming articles(5)

Share p2p streaming articles(6)

List papers here:

A Borrow-and-Return Model to Reduce Client Waiting Time for Broadcasting-Based VOD Services.ppt 1.42 MB
A Case for Taxation in Peer-to-Peer Streaming Broadcast.pdf 244.2 KB
A CDN-P2P Hybrid Architecture for Cost-Effective Streaming Media Distribution.pdf 464.86 KB
A cost-efficient scheduling algorithm of on-demand broadcasts.ppt 388 KB
A Decentralized Scheduler for Distributed Video Streaming in a Server-less Video Streaming System.pdf 201.23 KB
A distributed approach to solving overlay mismatching problem.ppt 430.5 KB
A Framework for Cost-Effective Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution.ppt 641.5 KB
A Game Theoretic Approach to Provide Incentive and Service Differentiation in P2P Networks.pdf 196.37 KB
A Game Theoretic Framework for Incentives in P2P Systems.pdf 509.59 KB
A Knowledge Plane for the Internet.ppt 364.5 KB
A methoddlogy for the design of distributed search in P2P middleware.ppt 401 KB
A MPEG Video Streaming System over Peer-to-Peer Network.ppt 1.41 MB
A P2P Computing Based Self-Organizing Network Routing Model(Chinese).pdf 771.22 KB
A Performance Comparison of Multiple Description Video Streaming in Peer-to-Peer and Content Delivery Networks.pdf 182.55 KB
A robust protocol for building superpeer overlay topologies.ppt 502.5 KB
A Routing Underlay for Overlay Networks.ppt 263 KB
A Special-Purpose Peer-to-Peer File Sharing System for Mobile ad Hoc Networks.ppt 332 KB
A Survey of Congestion Control Schemes For Multicast Video Applications.ppt 240.5 KB
A Survey of QoS Multicasting Issues.ppt 126 KB
A Transparent Rate Adaptation Algorithm for Streaming Video over the Internet.pdf 295.59 KB
ACTIVE Adaptive Low-latency Peer-to-Peer Streaming.pdf 488.45 KB
Adaptive and Lazy Segmentation Based Proxy Caching for Streaming Media Delivery.ppt 866 KB
Adaptive video multicast over the internet.ppt 683 KB
All Peer-to-Peer Networks study.pdf 1.79 MB
An Architecture for Scalable, Efficient, andFast Fault-Tolerant Multicast Provisioning.ppt 592.5 KB
An Efficient Clustered Architecture for P2P Networks.ppt 1.92 MB
ANts-MUTE.ppt 185 KB
Application layer multicast routing.ppt 1.08 MB
Application-Level Qos Control for Video-on-Demand.ppt 534.5 KB
Architectures for Network Systems Architectures for Network Systems.pdf 241.46 KB

AspectTestingFramework.pdf 72.53 KB
Biology-Inspired techniques for Self Organization in dynamic Networks.pdf 298.38 KB
Bullet-High Bandwidth Data Dissemination Using an Overlay Mesh.pdf 380.3 KB
Caching and prefetching for Web content distribution.ppt 242 KB
Characterizing Guarded Hosts in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems.pdf 261.05 KB
Chord_A Scalable Peer-to-peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications.ppt 482 KB
CollectCast A Tomography-Based Network Service for P2P Streaming.ppt 149 KB
Complex Applications over Peer-to-Peer Networks.pdf 12.45 KB
Consistent and Automatic Replica Regeneration.ppt 393.5 KB
CoolStreaming DONet A Data driven Overlay.pdf 248.27 KB
Cost-Based Cache Replacement and Server Selection for Multimedia Proxy Across Wireless Internet.ppt 731.5 KB
D3amcasT-A DHT based Application level Multicast with Decentralized Control for Dynamic Membership.pdf 128.04 KB
Dagster-Contributor-Aware End-Host Multicast for Media Streaming in Heterogeneous Environment.pdf 180.09 KB
Data-Driven Overlay Streaming Design,Implementation,and Experience.pdf 412.71 KB
Defending against flooding-based distributed denial-of-service attacks_a tutorial.ppt 237.5 KB
DeMSI A Peer to Peer Content Delivery Network.pdf 927.19 KB
Design of an Interactive Video-on-Demand System.ppt 460.5 KB
Distributed caching and adaptive search in multilayer P2P networks.ppt 698.5 KB
Distributed Core Migration in Multicast Peer-to-Peer Streaming.pdf 93.37 KB
Distributed Multimedia Streaming over Peer-to-Peer Networks.pdf 187.18 KB
DistributedObjectsSept22.pdf 275 KB
Distributing Streaming Media Content Using Cooperative Networking.pdf 585.13 KB
Distributing Streaming Media Content Using Cooperative Networking.ppt 299.5 KB
Do We Need Incentive Mechanisms for Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming.pdf 77.99 KB
Early Experience with an Internet Broadcast System Based on Overlay Multicast.pdf 512.83 KB
Economics of Peer-to-Peer Systems.pdf 1.7 MB
Effective Multi-Program Broadcasting of Pre-Recorded Video Using VBR MPEG-2 Coding.ppt 1.34 MB
Enabling flexible queries with guarantees in p2p systems.ppt 622 KB
E-NEXT_WG3CDN_04.pdf 399.48 KB
Evaluate P2P Streaming Approaches.ppt 151.5 KB

FatNemo-Building a Resilient Multi-Source Multicast Fat-Tree.pdf 121.43 KB
Fault-Tolerant Multi-Server Video-on-Demand Service.ppt 165 KB
First segment partition for video-on-demand broadcasting protocols.ppt 869 KB
Flexible Verification of MPEG-4 Stream in Peer-to-Peer CDN.pdf 208.39 KB
Flexible Verification of MPEG-4 Stream in Peer-to-Peer CDN.ppt 616.5 KB
gnutella_protocol_0.4.pdf 43.38 KB
Grid_Delivery_Overview_120502.pdf 101.14 KB
Heterogeneity-Aware Peer-to-Peer Multicast.pdf 48.68 KB
Hop-Count Filtering An Effective Defense Against Spoofed DDos Traffic.ppt 485.5 KB
Hot-Swapping Communication Models in P2P Networks.pdf 115.53 KB
HP-Peer-to-Peer Computing.pdf 567.39 KB
ichikawa-p2pCDN(japanese).ppt 231 KB
Impact analysis of faults and attacks in large-scale networks.ppt 447.5 KB
Improving Content Replication and QoS in Distributed Peer-to-Peer VoD Appliances.ppt 201 KB
Incentive Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming.pdf 145.69 KB
Incentives Build Robustness in BitTorrent.pdf 79.21 KB
Interaction with Broadcast Video.ppt 324 KB
Internet Broadcast Using End System Multicast.pdf 582.44 KB
Internet Indirection Infrastructure.ppt 299.5 KB
Kademlia-A Peer-to-peer Information System Based on the XOR Metric.pdf 79.15 KB
LEMP Lightweight Efficient Multicast Protocol for Video on Demand.ppt 267.5 KB
lionshare-Connecting and Extending Peer-to-Peer Networks.pdf 1.06 MB
Looking Up Data in P2P Systems.ppt 217.5 KB
MAAY a self-adaptive peer network for efficient document search.pdf 68.17 KB
Making the most of peer-to-peer.pdf 154.23 KB
MGM_v_Grokster_VSDA_Amicus.pdf 306.24 KB

Multimedia Content Distribution over Peer-to-Peer Networks.pdf 110.31 KB
Multimedia Search Engine 1.pdf 1.76 MB
Multi-Source P2P Media Streaming.ppt 71.5 KB
Network Coding for Large Scale Content Distribution.pdf 413.28 KB
Networking Grand Challenges.ppt 702.5 KB
Node Collection Protocol in P2P Systems (in Chinese) (full).pdf 333.78 KB
Not Too Few, Not Too Many-Enforcing Minimum Network Knowledge in Distributed Systems.pdf 196.94 KB
Nutella - A P2P Streaming Movie System.ppt 208.5 KB
On a Unified Architecture for Video-on-Demand Services.ppt 859 KB
On IP Traceback.ppt 361 KB
On-Demand Media Streaming Over the Internet.pdf 100.04 KB
On-the-Fly Verification of Rateless Erasure Codes for Efficient Content Distribution.pdf 242.42 KB
P2cast.pdf 781.32 KB
P2P Live Media Streaming.pdf 610.9 KB
P2P Live Media Streaming-Delivering Data Streams to Massive Audiences within Strict Timing Constraints.pdf 610.9 KB
P2PCAST-A Multi-Cast Scheme for Streaming Data.ppt 56.5 KB
P2PCAST-A Peer to Peer Multi-Cast Scheme for Streaming Data.ppt 1.71 MB
P2PCAST-A Peer-to-Peer Multicast Scheme for Streaming Data.pdf 92.47 KB
P2P-CS Out Of Control.pdf 1.52 MB
P2VoD_ Providing Fault Tolerant Video-on-Demand Streaming in Peer-to-Peer Environment.pdf 255.92 KB
P2VoD_ Providing Fault Tolerant Video-on-Demand Streaming in Peer-to-Peer Environment.ppt 457 KB
P2VoD-Providing Fault Tolerant Video-on-Demand Streaming in Peer-to-Peer Environment.pdf 165.48 KB
Packet scheduling with delay and loss differentiation.ppt 417 KB
PAST-A large-scale persistent peer-to-peer storage utility.ppt 169 KB
peerDB-A P2P-based System for Distributed Data Sharing.ppt 120.5 KB
peeriodica_V1.pdf 446.5 KB
peeriodica_V2.pdf 759.09 KB
Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery Using Information Additive Codecs-book.pdf 321.6 KB
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing and Internet Music.ppt 255 KB
peer-to-peer overlay network management through agile.ppt 425 KB
Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks A Survey.pdf 118.91 KB
Peer-to-Peer Streaming Using A Novel Hierarchical Clustering Approach.ppt 308 KB
Peer-to-Peer Streaming.pdf 110.42 KB
Peer-to-peer video streaming abstract.pdf 208.62 KB

pixie_ a jukebox architecture to support efficient peer content exchange.ppt 633.5 KB
Practical QoS network system with fault tolerance.ppt 670.5 KB
Probabilistic Location and Routing.ppt 1.42 MB
PROMISE Peer to Peer Media Streaming Using CollectCast.pdf 226.35 KB
PROMISE-Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming Using CollectCast.ppt 782.5 KB
PROP-a Scalable and Reliable P2P Assisted Proxy Streaming System.pdf 243.7 KB
Providing Interactive Video on Demand Services in Distributed Architecture.ppt 388 KB
QRON -- QoS-aware routing in overlay networks.ppt 547 KB
Reducing Bandwidth Requirement for Delivering Video Over Wide.ppt 801 KB
Resilient Overlay Networks.ppt 311 KB
Resilient Peer-to-Peer Streaming.pdf 282.47 KB
Resilient Peer-to-Peer Streaming-ppt.pdf 171.22 KB
resilientP2Pstreaming-mar03.pdf 439.86 KB
Robust Compression and Transmission of MPEG-4 Video.ppt 1.16 MB
Routing Indices For Peer-to-Peer Systems.ppt 296.5 KB
Scalable Application Layer Multicast.ppt 676 KB
Scalable Resilient Media Streaming.pdf 213.81 KB
scalable_multiple_description_in_p2p.pdf 211.13 KB
scastTV(Janpnese).pdf 307.45 KB
Selecting among Replicated Batching Video-on-Demand Servers.ppt 712.5 KB
Self Evolving Peer to Peer Networks for Service Discovery.ppt 536.5 KB
Self-Adaptive Peer-to-Peer Routing Protocol (in Chinese) (full).pdf 375.8 KB
Service Capacity of Peer to Peer Networks.ppt 1.26 MB
Serving DNS using a Peer-to-Peer Lookup Service.pdf 144.1 KB
Share it! by bringing P2P into the TV-domain.pdf 65.94 KB
Shield -- Vulnerability-Driven Network Filters for Preventing Known Vulnerability Exploits.ppt 232.5 KB
Simulating a File-Sharing P2P Network.pdf 69.25 KB
SNC_Assign_1.pdf 135.27 KB
SplitStream_slides.ppt 953 KB
streaming-live-media.pdf 197.98 KB
Supporting Heterogeneity and Congestion Controlin Peer-to-Peer Multicast Streaming.pdf 57.88 KB
Supporting Quality of Service in IP multicast networks.ppt 322.5 KB
SyncCast_DRMServices_2003.ppt 383.5 KB
TestingDistributed.pdf 165.87 KB

The Darknet and the Future of Content Distribution.pdf 358.43 KB
The deployment of cache servers in P2P networks for improved performance in content-delivery.ppt 503.5 KB
The DiskSim Simulation Environment Version 3.0 Reference Manual.pdf 271.94 KB
Theoretical Analysis and System Study on Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming(in Chinese).pdf 685.65 KB
Tran Hua and Do A peer to peer architecture for media streaming.ppt 1.09 MB
Success factors for P2P systems.ppt 60.87 KB
Video Delivery Technologies for Large-Scale Deployment of Multimedia Applications.pdf 465.65 KB
video_streaming_and_batering.pdf 173.23 KB
WebBee-An Architecture for Web Accessibility for Mobile Devices.pdf 320.92 KB
WebCaching.ppt 1.8 MB
Wide Area Redirection of Dynamic Content by Internet Data Centers.ppt 1.33 MB
WorldCom_White_Paper_On_StreamingMedia.pdf 107.32 KB
ZIGZAG An Efficient Peer to Peer Scheme for Media Streaming.pdf 341.6 KB
ZIGZAG_An Efficient Peer-to-Peer Scheme for Media Streaming.ppt 585 KB

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Old 04-11-2006, 04:12 PM
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good thx
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Old 04-11-2006, 04:18 PM
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Thank you so much, great job Vatary.
We are testing your software, it looks very interesting.

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Old 03-05-2007, 04:15 PM
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grazie !! vatary !

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Old 03-06-2007, 03:32 PM
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a me apre la pagina ma nn si vedono i documenti..a voi?
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Old 03-06-2007, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by dave.heat
a me apre la pagina ma nn si vedono i documenti..a voi?

no, nemmeno a me, forse bisogna registrarsi!
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